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SEED-ICF started an academic journal titled College Post- the higher education journal in 1994. It is a quarterly journal.  Its object is to reach out to academic administrators- College Principals, Vice-Chancellor of the Universities, Policy Makers –members of the standing committee on education in the Parliament,  Education Secretaries in Central and State Governments, Teachers, research scholars, students, and those interested in higher education in India and abroad.

 It publishes articles, news, views, development across the globe, education research, education news analysis, I share — and Book review. The journal has published 19 volumes each of four issues. The latest issue of the 20th Volume has been published recently.

It is registered with –ISBN – R. No. 85288/95

ISSN -2348-84X



College Post – columns and their purpose

Broadly speaking purpose of various columns in College Post are:

Editorial – to share views on education, economics, social, political, science and technology aspects of education

ICF News- to report the events and developments of Indian Colleges Forum and colleges.

Articles– to publish articles on education, economics, social, political, science and technology aspects of education. Articles could be of research-based, critical analysis, newer and innovative areas. It kept space for 3-4 articles with the tune of 1000-3000 words. Articles were invited from eminent academics, researchers, and policy analysts. The main object was to inform educational administrators namely, VCs, College Principals, Policymakers, and scholars. The focus here was less technical but more educative or informative to educational administration and policymakers.

Researches in Education– A good amount of quality M.Phil. Ph.D. and post Ph.D. research having policy imperative remain on the shelves of the university library. It was thought that some of the research studies in education, economics, social, political, and science aspects of education need to be highlighted for the benefit of policymakers, education administrators, and scholars. Accordingly, one to three studies; key findings with methodology with the name of the guide, university, and scholar is published. This will help the interested persons to look for these studies further for drawing policy or research purposes. Sources uses are Shodh Ganga of INFLIBNET of UGC- IUC and write up sent by researcher/guide.

Education News Analysis – to analyze education news appearing in various newspapers and having policy and administrative relevance.

Across the Globe- This column was introduced to capture events and happenings in the field of higher education in the world. It was sourced from Times Higher Education Supplement, Minerva, and World University News. The object was to bring to the fore the developments in education to Administrators and policymakers. Which in a way give a possibility to compare the national scene with the international one.

I share… This column was introduced for sharing of experience of educational administrators about their unique, pleasant, and difficult experiences with the academic administrators to inspire and give clues about some of the puzzling problems of educational administration. In this column senior principals of colleges were invited to share their experiences. We propose to open it to VCs, academics, and policymakers.

Book Review – this is the standard column for a review of books on education, economics, social, political science, science, and technology aspects of education.

We are considering the introduction of two more columns namely, (i) from the states and an (ii) fact sheet. The state will share development in higher education in different states of India and the fact sheet would give relevant data on education, economics, science, and technology.

Our a few Contributing Authors


Prof. M. Anandakrishnan-Former VC Anna University, Chennai

  • Implications of Transforming Autonomous and Affiliated College as Degree Degree-Granting institutions. April – June 2020. Pg 5

Shri J Veeraraghvan- Former Secretary, HRD, GOI

  • Challenges for Implementation of National Education Policy. April- June 2020. Pg 3

Bikas C. Sanyal – Former Specialist Higher Education, IIEP, Paris

  • Re-Thinking Human and Social Development: The perspectives of Gross National Happiness. October – December 2010. Pg 3
  • International Trends in the Public and Private Financing of Higher Education – Presentation. October – December 2013. Pg 10
  • New Technologies and Future of Higher Education. October – December 2016. Pg 23
  • Quality in Higher Education: Role of Accreditation for Quality Assurance. January – March 2018. Pg 9
  • Challenges of Mobilization of Funds for Public and Private Higher Education. April – June 2020. Pg 12
  • Netaji’s Ideas on National Planning. January – June 2021. Pg 22

M M Pant- Former PVC IGNOU and Specialist Education Tech.

  • Challenges and Oppotunities for Indian Higher Education in the 4th Industrial Age. July December, 2017. Pg 3

Dr. Kavita Sharma- Former President, South Asian University

  • Higher Education for eeting Expectations of Individuals and Society.July -September, 2016. Pg 3

Prof. FurqanQamar – Former VC Central University, HP

  • Development and Reforms initiatives in Higher Education. July -September, 2010. Pg 3

Prof. N. V. Varghese- VC NIEPA, New Delhi

  • The Draft New Education Policy (NEP 2019): Implications for Institutional Restructuring and Governance. April – September 2019. Pg 3

Dr. M. M. Ansari- Former Member, UGC, India

  • Draft New Education Policy 2019: Where is the Money for Implementing the Recommendation? April – September 2019. Pg 19
  • Towards Establishing ‘For Profit’ Model of Higher Education Institutions: Opening New Window for Attracting Additional Private Investments. January – March 2018. Pg 3

Sudhanshu Bhushan- Professor NIEPA, New Delhi

  • Challenges of Affordability in Private Higher Education. July – September 2016. Pg 22
  • Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: Revisiting Socratic Idea of Teacher1. April – June, 2017. Pg 10
  • Future of Higher Education Financing and Governance. July – December 2017. Pg 12
  • Draft NEP, 2019 – Ideas Vs Reality. April – September 2019. Pg 13

A. Mathew – ICSSR Fellow, NIEPA

  • Long Standing Tensions in India Federalism: Case of Central and Centraly Sponsored Schemes in Education. October – December, 2016. Pg 10
  • Andhra’s Fee Reimbursement Scheme: Intended and Unintended Impact on Higher Education in AP Telangana. April – une, 2017. Pg 3
  • Changing Structure and Functions of Universities – Case of Maharashtra. January – une, 2021. Pg 15

Dr. Mridula Sharma- Former Chief, International Div. IAMR

  • Quality Primary Education and the Role of Teachers – A Study of the Scheduled and Non – Scheduled area Districts of select States – A Summary. January – June, 2021. Pg 3
  • Impact of Policy of Liberalization on the Growth nd Development of Higher Education. July – December, 2021. Pg 14

Dr. G. D. Sharma – Former Professor NIEPA , Editor CP

  • World University Ranking 2013. Does it Represent Universities in the World? July – September, 2013. Pg 3
  • Factors and Forces that influenced the Changes and Development of Higher Education in India. July – September, 2016. Pg 12
  • Re-Thinking Education for all- Relevance of Gandhian Model of Education in 2020. January – March 2017. Pg 9
  • 1942 – 2017: Quit India Movement and Journey of a nation-State: Bharat – India. April – June 2017. Pg 18
  • NEP-2020 and the Challenge of Achieving 50% Ger in Higher Education. July – December 2021. Pg 3

You may ask for a copy of the select articles from Editor College Post by sending an e-mail on seedicf@gmail.com.

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